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Panaseer Passive Allergen Detection


EpiPen’s are the most common anti-allergen medical device. Despite this, they are often not carried at all, not used properly or used too late in the instance of a reaction, because they are inconvenient to carry and so rarely required.


The lines between necessity and desirability are becoming increasingly blurred with healthcare technology. Feeling restricted or self-conscious about a product can lead to a lack of interest, even if it is potentially life-threatening.


A convenient, preventative, desire-driven approach to allergy management can save both time and lives.

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Organic Sensing Technology

The Hertzstueck near-infrared sensor, developed by trinamiX, allows for infrared spectrometry analysis to be packaged into a very small form factor. This technology can be used to developed a handheld or wearable food-scanner, which could alert users the presence of allergens before they come into contact with them.

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User Journey

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User enters Pret A Manger, proudly wearing her newly acquired Panaseer.

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She reaches for a sandwich, too hungry to stop and check the label thoroughly.

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Feeling a vibration on her wrist, she looks down, alarmed to see the LEDs flashing.

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She opens the app on her phone and sees the Panaseer detected traces of sesame, relieved at having avoided eating the sandwich.

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She removes the module from the wristband and actively scans the next sandwich, feeling empowered.

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Her parents, notified that the via the companion app, receive a text from her telling them she is fine and are relieved.

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Digital Prototyping

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Selection of allergens to detect. Groups of users could select allergens for each other as well to increase the effective scanning area.

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Scan history allows user to build a profile of how they’ve used their Panaseer.

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The user can alert their guardian when an allergen is detected in case they need immediate assistance.

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Guardians receive a notification when the user sends them an alert. They are able to track the user’s location and provide assistance.

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For allergy sufferers, there is a difficult balance between tedious caution on the one hand and subtle recklessness on the other. Panaseer offers a third hand: protected autonomy.

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