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Proxi Close, Conscious Shaving

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Razor handles have evolved around a disposable blade model which is outdated and unsustainable. It encourages the frequent disposal of servicable, materially complex blades.


Finding an alternative way of generating recurring revenue can improve the sustainability and usability of shaving razors.


A shaving product that redefines the usage and owning experience by shifting the emphasis from disposable blades to recyclable/biodegradable handles.

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Sharpen and Save

The leather-surfaced packaging can be used to "strop" or sharpen the blades, greatly extending their life.

Squeeze and Shave

Made of a single material, it could be easily recycle or even fully biodegradable. The soft handle contains shaving foam and can be replaced or refilled.

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Tactile Experience

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The handle can be held in a variety of positions. The tactile, thumb-print pattern surface allows for a secure grip. Greatly control is afforded to the user because their hand is closer to the blade itself.

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